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Trauma Informed Support

When a traumatic event occurs sometimes it is comforting to have a person with you for support. The support Camrose and District Victim Services provides is Trauma Informed, meaning the support you receive is sensitive and directly related to the trauma you are experiencing. This approach can help limit triggers to reduce re-traumatization to protect your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Trauma and violence-informed approaches are policies and practices that recognize the connections between violence, trauma, negative health outcomes and behaviors. These approaches increase safety, control and resilience for people who are seeking services in relation to experiences of violence and/or have a history of experiencing violence.

The goal of this approach is to minimize harm, not to treat trauma

Trauma and violence-informed approaches are not about 'treating' trauma, for example, through counselling or chronic pain interventions. Instead, the focus is to minimize the potential for harm and re-traumatization, and to enhance safety, control and resilience for all clients involved with systems or programs. 

Our team of advocates can provide support to minimize harm during a traumatic event at your home, workplace, school, in our office, etc. We may be called out by a member of RCMP or CPS to offer this support.

Examples of Traumatic Events:

Sudden Death/Notification of Kin

Sexual Assaults

Family Violence





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