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Court Support

Camrose Provincial Courthouse

Camrose Provincial Courthouse

The court process can be a long, frustrating, and confusing time for victims of crime and trauma. Our advocates can help you navigate this process so you can better understand the steps, procedures, and outcomes, while feeling supported and heard. 

We can help with:

Court Updates: The court process can be a long one and we want to make sure you have all the information without having to go to each court date. We will provide you updates on each court appearance to let you know what happened and the next steps as well as answer any questions that you may have. 

Court Orientation/Preparation: If you are subpoenaed by the Crown Prosecutors Office, our advocates can meet with you before the trial to explain what to expect, do a courtroom tour to familiarize yourself with the layout, meet with the Crown together to go over your statement and ask any questions you may have, make sure your Victim Impact Statement and Request For Restitution (if applicable) is completed and handed in, and to prepare you for the court date. 

Court Support: On the day of court our advocates can accompany you to the courthouse for support before, during, and after the trial, show you where to go, and connect you with the Crown Prosecutor before court starts if needed.