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Property Crimes

Property crimes can happen anywhere  - and are usually committed to steal something that could be of value to the perpetrator.  Theft or destruction of property is a serious crime regardless of the value of the possessions stolen or damaged.

A 'break and enter' crime occurs when someone breaks into a home or business without permission.  This is a serious crime regardless of the size and value of the property.

There are emotional as well as financial consequences to this type of crime. The majority of perpetrators do not know victims, and do not target them personally; but a victim can feel a profound sense of loss of privacy, and violation of their personal space and lives following this type of crime. Victims may feel insecure in their home - a place where people are meant to feel safe and comfortable.

If you have been a victim of a property crime, a Victim Service advocate can assist you in finding help to process the feelings that you may be having. We can help you to find practical and emotional support, and can help to explain the judicial process that your case may be going through. 

You may be eligible to submit a Victim Impact Statement and/or a Statement on Restitution to the court.  

Victim Impact Statement

When you are the victim of a crime, you can sometimes feel as if you don't have a voice. Completing a Victim Impact Statement allows you to tell the Judge how a crime has affected your life. The Judge, lawyers, and the accused, will read your statement if and when the accused is found guilty and before sentencing. You can find more information about Victim Impact Statements by talking to us - or by looking here.


Statement on Restitution

Completing a Statement on Restitution allows you to ask the Judge to consider ordering the accused to repay you if you have lost any money because of a crime. The Judge may order this repayment to be part of the sentence that a person is given; and the person will have to repay you through the courts. Or the Judge could order a 'stand-alone' restitution order; which isn't part of the sentence.

To find out more about a Statement on Restitution, you can talk to us - or look here