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Court Questions

Can I drop the charges against a person?

- In Criminal Court, charges are laid by the Crown Prosecutor, not by the victim of the crime. The victim of the crime cannot remove or drop those charges, but you can talk to the Crown Prosecutor to let them know what you would like to have happen. Please talk to us if you want to find out more about this.

I've been given a subpoena for court - do I have to attend the court on that day?

- A subpoena for court is something that you shouldn't ignore. If you think that you cannot be in court on the day specified, you can talk to the Crown Prosecutor to explain why. Please talk to us and we can give you the contact information for the Crown Prosecutor.

Can I have a person to support me in court?

- You can have someone come to court with you to support you, and this can be very helpful to reduce any stress that you may feel. They may be able to go into the court room with you;  you will have to ask the Crown Prosecutor (on the morning of the day of trial) if this is something that you want. A Victim Services advocate may be able to support you on the trial day and in the court room. Please talk to us if you want this to happen